Četnické humoresky (Policeman's Humoresques, AKA Cops and Robbers) was a 1997-2007 Czech television series about police detectives who work in the city of Brno during the era of the First Czechoslovak Republic (1918-1939). The series balanced case-of-the-week crime stories with the ongoing personal lives of the men on the police force. The series was also noted for its blend of dramatic and comedic moments.

Hypnotizer (Season 2, Episode 11)Edit

Detective Zahalka (Eric Pardus) lands in hot water when his service pistol is stolen and used to murder his girlfriend Anezka (Anna Michlícková), a nurse at the local hospital. Meanwhile, the police are tasked with tracking down a pornography ring that is operating out of Brno. It turns out that the two cases are related, as Anezka's killer is a hypnotist who has nurse Hanicka (Jitka Cvancarová) under his spell, forcing her to pose for photographs while under hypnosis.

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