Aliens in the Family was a 1996 American television series about an alien (Margaret Trigg) who falls in love with her human abductee (John Bedford Lloyd), and decides to marry him and settle on Earth with a mixed family of alien and human children.

Dissected and Neglected (Season 1, Episode 7)Edit

When Doug (Lloyd) brings his boss Carl to the house to meet Cookie (Trigg), she realizes that Carl's wife Holly is the same woman that she abducted and mind-probed years before. Cookie's reaction causes tension between Holly and Carl, so Doug asks baby Bobut (David Rudman) to use his mind-control ray to hypnotize Holly into loving Carl. Bobut mistakenly zaps Carl's maid (Julie Griffith) instead. Later, she marries Carl, while Holly becomes famous for writing a book about her abduction.

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