The Bionic Woman was a 1976-1978 American television series starring Lindsay Wagner that aired for three seasons as a spin-off from The Six Million Dollar Man. Wagner stars as tennis pro Jaime Sommers who is nearly killed in a skydiving accident. Sommers' life is saved by Oscar Goldman (Richard Anderson) and Dr. Rudy Wells (Martin E. Brooks), by bionic surgical implants similar to those of The Six Million Dollar Man Steve Austin. As the result of Jaime's bionics, she has amplified hearing in her right ear, a greatly strengthened right arm, and stronger and enhanced legs which enable her to run at speeds exceeding 60 miles per hour.

Brain Wash (Season 3, Episode 8)Edit

While at the hair salon, Jaime overhears Callahan giving away top secret OSI information. Jaime informs Oscar who fires Callahan, despite her protests of innocence. Returning to the salon, Jaime discovers the owner, John has tapes of secret information and realizes that the shampoo being used releases a chemical that acts as a "truth serum". Jaime reveals this to Oscar who reinstates Callahan, and John is arrested.

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