Charmed was a 1998-2006 American television series about three sisters who discover that they are actually powerful witches known as "The Charmed Ones." The series follows their adventures fighting evil demons and other supernatural entities while also juggling jobs, careers, and relationships. The series starred Shannon Doherty (Prue), Alyssa Milano (Phoebe), and Holly Marie Combs (PIper) as the three witches. Shannon Doherty left the show after the third season; her character was replaced by a previously-unknown half-sister, played by Rose McGowan (Paige), who had similar witch powers and abilities.

Wicca Envy (Season 1, Episode 10)Edit

Prue's boss Rex (Neil Roberts) is a warlock who hopes to destroy the sisters. Using astral projection, he is able to plant hypnotic suggestions in the minds of others. He uses this power to make Prue steal an expensive tiara and bring it back to the manor house so that he can frame her for theft, then to manipulate the sisters as he plans their destruction. 

Is There a Woogy in the House? (Season 1, Episode 15)Edit

After a small earthquake, the sisters tease Phoebe about her fear of the basement. Unfortunately, Phoebe's fears are well-founded; a demon escapes from the cracked floor of the basement and possesses a repairman, using him to trick Phoebe into entering the basement so that it can possess her as well.

That night, Prue and Piper host a dinner for Professor Whittsley (Nancy Moonves), an important client of Prue's company, but the Woogy causes havoc while Phoebe secretly takes the Professor down to the basement to be possessed. Phoebe then uses her powers to throw Piper and Prue out of the house. The next morning, the two sisters discover that the Professor has been arrested for assault. They investigate further and learn that their house is actually a spiritual nexus that the Woogy, using Phoebe, seeks to control.

Piper and Prue return to the manor and discover that Phoebe has been luring more people into the basement, including Police Inspector Andy (Ted King). The possessed Phoebe tries to kill her sisters and chases them into the basement, but then has a flashback to a forgotten memory of her grandmother (Jennifer Rhodes) banishing the Woogy years before. The memory is enough to give Phoebe the power to break the Woogy's hold on her and to re-banish it with a spell, saving her sisters.

Ms. Hellfire (Season 2, Episode 9)Edit

The sisters manage to kill an assassin that was sent to wipe them out. Prue goes undercover as the dead hitwoman to find out who is behind the attempt on their lives. Unfortuantely, the demon Barbas (Billy Drago) catches her and uses his powers to take over her mind and send her on a mission to kill Piper and Phoebe.

Coyote Piper (Season 3, Episode 9)Edit

As a nervous Piper prepares for her 10-year high school reunion, a body-hopping demon escapes from its creator and eventuallly ends up in Piper's body. While the possessed Piper enjoys the reunion, Prue and Phoebe race to undo the damage and save Piper's soul from being destroyed.

Bride and Gloom (Season 3, Episode 13)Edit

Demons Dantalian (Una Damon) and Zile (Tom O'Brien) trick Prue into a marriage ceremony that turn her evil.

Y Tu Mummy Tambien (Season 5, Episode 10)Edit

An ancient Egyptin wizard (Adrian Paul) uses his powers to transfer the soul of his dead lover Isis into the bodies of Pheobe (and later Paige).

Love's a Witch (Season 6, Episode 5)Edit

Paige gets involved in a "Romeo and Juliet"-style feud between two wealthy families. Her efforts to help backfire when she is possessed by the ghost of Olivia (Rachelle Lefevre), who is secretly responsible for the ongoing feud.

Desperate Housewitches (Season 8, Episode 4)Edit

A housewife (Michelle Stafford) is possessed by a demon who is trying to steal Piper's son.

12 Angry Zen (Season 8, Episode 14)Edit

A demon (Julian Ovenden) uses a magical wooden staff to take control of the Charmed Ones. He sends his mind controlled minions to kill Lo Pan (Clyde Kusatsu), the guardian of the staff.

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