Dark Angel

Dark Angel was a 2000-2002 American science fiction series about a genetically-engineered woman named Max (Jessica Alba), who escapes from a secret government lab and works for a messenger service in a post-apocalyptic Seattle that has been devastated by a terrorist attack. She soon finds herself working with cyberjournalist Logan "Eyes Only" Cale (Michael Weatherly) to expose corruption and crime as well as to uncover the secrets of her past.

Fuhgeddaboudit (Season 2, Episode 15)Edit

Max and Logan dive into the world of Mob bosses and underground fighting as they try to get a narcoleptic bookie to sell out his boss. Unfortunately, Dougie's girlfriend Mia is a transgenic mutant with mind control powers who plans to use Max, Logan, and Alec in a scheme of her own. 

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