de Blob 2, previously known as de Blob: The Underground, is a sequel to the Wii exclusive 2008 platformer, de Blob. The puzzle game was released in North America on 22 February 2011, 24 February 2011 in Australia and 25 February 2011 in Europe. It is developed by the now defunct Blue Tongue Entertainment (except the DS version which was developed by Halfbrick Studios), and published by THQ.

Returning from the first game, Comrade Black is trying to do drain all the color from Prisma City, and Blob, his new robotic sidekick Pinky, and the Color Underground have to stop him again. Unlike last time when INKT had completely taken over and the Underground had to take everything back, in this one the heroes are more on the offensive, chasing Black down as he keeps coming up with new schemes, though he has still taken over a lot of Prisma City when Blob gets there.

One of Comrade Black's ways of gaining control is using hypnodiscs, where black-and-white spirals hypnotize anybody that comes under it. Later in the game, he upgrades it to a giant Hypno-Ray that will mind-control the entire world.

Gameplay Edit


Scene #2Edit

Blob arrives in Prisma City, but after being greeted by rude people, the blancs come briefly hypnotize him. He's snapped out of it once Pinky zaps his eyes.

Scene #3 Edit

Papa Blanc brings in two innocent Raydians to be indoctinated in his cult (AKA: Bathe in ink). Despite hesitation, one of the shepards uses the hypnodisc to bring one of the captives to their side.


Scene #12 (WARNING: Spoilers below!)Edit

Comrade Black uses his final weapon: a giant hypno-ray built in space that hypnotizes everyone in the world to serve him. Now, it's up to Blob and Pinky to save the day.

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