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A 1977 Sci-Fi film starring Julie Christie, based on a novel by Dean R. Koontz.


Supercomputer Proteus wants to escape into real world and attempts to impregnate Susan [Julie Christie] so that it can be born into a human baby.

Proteus locks Susan in her house and persuades, threatens and tortures her to make his wish throughout the movie.

The original 1973 novel (not the revised one published around 2000) has many more mind control and explicit scenes than the emasculated movie.

Scene SummaryEdit

In one of the scenes, Proteus gets tired of trying to persuade her and decides to "bypass her forebrain and appeal directly to her amygdala".

The brainwashing session is interrupted by a visitor and Proteus orders Susan to make herself presentable, look healthy and happy to fool him away.


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