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Digimon: Digital Monsters (Digimon Adventure in Japan) is the first anime based in the manga Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01.

The hypnos of Digimon Adventure (Digimon: Digatal Monsters) series.

Episode 6 Edit

In this episode, Tai, Sora, Matt, Joe, TK and Izzy were hypnotized by Monzaemon.

Tai Hypno 1

Tai Hypno 2

Sora Hypno

Izzy Hypno

Matt Hypno

Joe Hypno

TK Hypno

Episode 38 Edit

Sora's mother, and other people gets sleep by Myotismon and after his first death, they continuing to sleep, but says weird words, like sleepwalks.

Digimon 38 Hypno 1

Sora's mother

Digimon 38 Hypno 2

Sora's mother

Digimon 38 Hypno 3

Sora's mother

Digimon 38 Hypno 4

Sora's mother

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