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Doraemon (Japanese: ドラえもん) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by the manga writing team Fujiko Fujio. The series has also been adapted into a successful anime series and media franchise. The story revolves around a robotic cat named Doraemon, who travels back in time from the 22nd century to aid a pre-teen boy named Nobita Nobi (野比のび太 Nobi Nobita?).

Episode 196(1979 anime) - Hypnotic Glasses Edit

Episode 322(1979 anime) - Hypnotic Glasses(Remake) Edit

Estudiamos en el jardin

Estudiamos en el jardin

After watching a hypnosis show on television, Gian(Big G) wants to verify that hypnosis is easy to perform, so he tries to do it on Nobita(Noby) and Suneo(Sneech), but Suneo pretends to be hypnotize and Nobita mocks that it does not work. Gian gets angry and he beat Nobita.

Nobita tells Doraemon everything and he gives him a gadget that makes everyone who see him in the eyes is hypnotized. Nobita uses his new power with his friends.

2005 Series - Episode 94: The Great Pirate Decisive Battle -Love Romance of the Southern Sea- Edit

Believing that there are good pirates in the Caribbean Sea, Shizuka and Dorami time-travel to the end of the 16th century and rescue a dashing pirate named Kenneth. Meanwhile, Doraemon and Nobita, under the mistaken assumption that Dorami and Shizuka are abducted by Kenneth's henchmen, proceed to save the girls with Gian and Suneo and joins forces with an evil pirate named Captain Johnny, who is the enemy of Kenneth.

Captain Johnny uses a magical pendant to control Nobita and the others.but when Captain Johnny hypnotizes Shizuka she remembers Kenneth and break free of the trance and destroy Captain Johnny's pendant.

Episode 117(2005 anime) - Salute to Nobita the Leader Edit

Doraemon gives Nobita magic rank marks that establish a military chain of command when attached to someone's clothing.

Episodes 125 & 126(2005 anime) - Doraemon vs Dracula Edit

A mad scientist creates a Robot Dracula to control other robots through bites, but the robot rebels against his creator and plan to control all the robots to conquer the world. Dorami(Doraemon's sister) is bitten and travels to the past to bite Doraemon, but Doraemon is eating Melon Bread and for some reason by becoming a vampire she can't tolerate the smell of the melon bread, so She returns to the future.

In order to save Dorami, Doraemon and the gang travel to the future to fight Dracula.

The robots get back to normal after the terrible song of Gian and the terrible way to play the violin of Shizuka destroy Dracula

In one scene Nobita and Doraemon are watching an old Dracula movie where a girl is bitten and transformed into a vampire.

2005 Series - Episode 174: The Beautiful girl that Nobita loved Edit

Doraemon- Nobita se enamoró de una hermosa chica (Sub Español)

Doraemon- Nobita se enamoró de una hermosa chica (Sub Español)

Shizuka promised Nobita that she would help him look for a very rare bird, but Shizuka's friend convice her to go to a Idol Interview. Nobita gets very sad and returns home, where he finds a robot girl that was sent from the future by 2 criminals.

The name of the robot girl is Lulli, she is a robot programmed to take care of people, but without her knowing it, she has a mind control chip in her body. The criminals use Lulli to try to kill Nobita.

but the love that Lulli has for Nobita manages to break the mind control chip, after that the criminals send another robot who is a parody of terminator to kill Nobita, but Lulli sacrifice to save Nobita.

2005 Series - Episode 225b: Transform with the Dracula set(Season 1 episode 20 for the English dub version "Noby's Turn at Bat" Edit

Suneo tells a story of Dracula to scare Nobita on the story Dracula orders a girl to get up and go to him, Dracula bites the girl.

2005 Series - Episode 267b: King Nobita is Undefiable Edit

Nobita finds a golden throne that makes everyone obey the person sitting of it.

2005 series: Episode 283: Gian Stew(Big G:Master Chef on the dub) Edit

Gian wants to become a Chef, so he forces his friends to prove his stew. Nobita scared that Giant beat him up asks Doraemon for a gadget. Doraemon gives Nobita the Super Gourmet Spice that gadget makes people want to eat the first thing they see, but accidentally the spice falls on Gian

2005 series: Episode 286: Nobita meets the masked queen Edit

Doraemon- Nobita Conoce a la Reina Enmascarada (Sub Español)

Doraemon- Nobita Conoce a la Reina Enmascarada (Sub Español)

Nobita promises Shizuka to take her to the prehistoric era to get a necklace, but the time machine doesn't work and Shizuka get lost on that era, She was carrying one of Doraemons Gadget that makes everyone who smells it forget what they were doing and perform the following order that they're told but Shizuka was exposed to the smell for a long time, so She forgets all her memories and obey all the orders of the witch who found her.

The Witch orders Shizuka to become the Masked Queen to take revenge on the people who expelled her.

When Shizuka is the Masked Queen her eyes are empty and change color to purple. Nobita shows her the necklace to break the spell of the flower and the eyes of Shizuka return to normal.

2005 series: Episode 387: Gian Stew(Remake 2014) Edit

2005 series: Episode 404: The Mystery of the Pyramids? The Great Egyptian Adventure! Edit

Wallheip(The Pharao's counselor) steals one of Doraemon's gadgets that allows him to fulfill any wish he writes, He use the gadget to make the Princess his slave, when the princess says together, the trigger activates and she becomes his slave.

Doraemon The Great Pyramid Adventure to Ancient Egypt 2017

Doraemon The Great Pyramid Adventure to Ancient Egypt 2017