Edgar and Ellen is a 2007 animated television series that premiered on Nicktoons around October 7, 2007. Then it premiered on Nickelodeon since November 21, 2007 until May 23, 2009. Two episodes of the series were shown. It is an adaptation of the series of children's books of the same name created by Simon and Schuster Children's Publishing, is based on two twelve-year-old twins who cause mischief and mayhem in their sickly sweet town, Nod's Limbs. The series currently contains nine books in addition to some side material. The Twin's name's are derived from American author and poet Edgar Allan Poe.

Nobody's Fool (Season 2) Edit

Nod's Limbs' annual All Fools' Day celebration has arrived, and Edgar and Ellen have big plans for all the sweet fools of their town. But when a sinister hypnotist swings into town and bends everyone to his will, the twins, Stephanie and Pet are the only ones clever enough to escape the enchantment. If they want to turn the tables on this crafty conman, Edgar and Ellen may have to sacrifice every prank in their arsenal...

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