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El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera is a 2007 animated series created for Nickelodeon by cartoonist, animator, and director Jorge R. Gutierriez. It follows the life of twelve year old Manny Rivera, the latest in a long line of superheroes and supervillains. The series focuses on Manny alternately using his powers for good and mischief as he tries to decide which of the two he wants to be.

Sole of a HeroEdit

Frida tests out the magical boots of Manny's father, including their ability to 'force whoever touches the soles to tell the truth'.

Zebra DonkeyEdit

Manny twice asks Frida what to do. Each time she responds "Hypnosis! Time Machine! Pixie Dust!"

A Mother's GloveEdit

Maria, Manny's gentle, kindhearted mother, reveals that, at a party where someone was "passing around a bag of magical artifacts", she put on a magical glove that transformed her into a superheroine, Plata Peligrosa. Eager to bond with her, Manny tricks her into putting the glove back on. The longer Maria wears the glove, the more violent she becomes, culminating in her staging a mass breakout to battle the prisoners, battling HERSELF when she finds none of them a challenge, and finally, turning on Manny himself when he tries to stop her. She reveals that, in her youth, the longer she wore the glove, the more unstable she became. Even after breaking free of the glove's influence, the glove uses her body as a puppet to attack Manny. Finally, Manny successfully removes the glove, freeing Maria.

The Thing that Ate Frida's BrainEdit

A diminuative zombie attaches itself to Frida's head, slowly transforming her into a zombie.

The Return of Plata PeligrosaEdit