El Zorro, La Espada y La Rosa (AKA Zorro: The Sword and the Rose) was a 2007 Colombian-American telenovela produced for the Telemundo television network. It starred Christian Meier as the titular character, a masked vigilante in colonial-era Los Angeles who falls in love with the beautiful daughter (Marlene Favela) of his arch-enemy, the colonial governor (Arturo Peniche).

Episode 93Edit

After the witch Selenia (Valentina Acosta) gives Olmos (Raul Gutierrez) a fake love potion to use on Mariangel (Andrea Lopez), she hypnotizes Mariangel and programs her to fall in love with Olmos- but only until they make love for the first time.

Episode 103Edit

After a brief romance, Mariangel and Olmos make love, triggering Selenia's post-hypnotic suggestion and snapping Mariangel back to normal. As predicted, the villainous Mariangel turns her anger on Olmos.

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