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ISSUE 14 of the long running comic by marvel

Fantastic Four Vol 3 14

RONAN a villain has captured SUSAN RICHARDS AKA THE INVISIBLE WOMAN of the FANTASTIC FOUR and he wants to control her- so he sics a creature called MANNEQUIN on her - she tries to fight it but it bores thru her shields possessing her and she is under his control.

RONAN orders her to destroy the FF and almost suceedes but she finds out an unpleasant side effect of the MANNEQUIN- everytime she is injured she is healed but she transforms into a hideous creature who reduces her to a primitive state of violence. REED manages to place a chip in her cutting off the villians influence and they destroy him and transport  back to earth and she uses her powers to expel MANNEQUIN killing it and she reverts back to normal.
Claws zps3dddb6f2

she begins to like the change


mannequin has turned her into an alien


reed vows to change her back


she is changed by the twisted sister

12923 realf10

the mannequin attacks bonds to sue

2113258-ff 14 volume 3 brain prasite attack

you will obey

2113256-ff 14 volume 3 brain prasite attack b

a closer view


sue compelled to obey

Sue gets more alien (FF 14)

this is getting ugly


Healing zps3f355d10

she is being consumed


she manages to free herself killing mannequin and returning to normal

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