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Gargoyles begins with a brutal, 10th-century battle over a Scottish castle, which is guarded at night by winged gargoyles who become flesh in the dark (but who return to stone by day). Under the leadership of Goliath (Keith David), the gargoyles ward off an attack by Vikings, yet are met with disdain by those they protect, including a princess and her advisors. Such is the gargoyles' lot until they are betrayed by a friend and turned to stone for a thousand years. Rescued by a billionaire named Xanatos (Jonathan Frakes)--who breaks the spell by purchasing the castle and relocating it atop his Manhattan skyscraper--Goliath and his friends slowly adapt to the modern world and figure out whom they can trust. In a moving season finale, they adopt New York City as the home they vow to protect. With a certain urgency in every episode, tangled relationships between Goliath and his several allies and enemies (as well as characters who belong somewhere between)

Temptation (Season 1, Episode 7) Edit

Demona enslaves Goliath by using the power of the Grimorum Arcanorum spellbook.

City of Stone Part Four (Season 2, Episode 12) Edit

The weird sister puts Demona in trance to make her reveal a password, Demona snaps out of the trance but the sisters restrain her and puts her to sleep.

The Hound of Ulster (Season 2, Episode 32) Edit

Rory Dugan discovers that his longtime friend Molly is a Banshee, a Fairy like creature who's voice can either kill or mesmerize mortals, she use second ability to put him to sleep and make him forget about his discovery.

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