Gen13 was a 1994 - 2011 comic book series published by WildStorm about a group of super-powered teenagers who escape from a government laboratory and go on the run. The series was created by Jim Lee and Brandon Choi.

Hearts and Minds (Series 2, Issue #9)Edit

An evil being hypnotizes Caitlin at a rave and turns her into his devoted and twisted assistant.

Toy Soldiers (Series 2, Issue #17)Edit

Baby Luv, a villain trapped in a tiny body, attempts to make Roxy, Caitlin, and Sarah his hypnotized servants but only succeeds (briefly) with Roxy.

Murder on the Runway! (Series 2, Issue #45)Edit

Caitlin goes undercover as a fashion model for Madame Odessa, a bitter fashion designer, who is using mind-control to turn the models into her personal army.

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