Gilligan's Island is an American television sitcom aired on 1964-1967 that followed the adventures of seven castaways stranded on a tropical Pacific island.

Ring Around Gilligan (Season 3, Episode 9) Edit

Mad scientist Boris Balinkoff (Vito Scotti) arrives on the island with a plan to use mind control rings to turn the castaways into his own army of hypnotized robots, with the goal of using them to rob the gold depository at Fort Knox. Although Gilligan is his primary test subject, the ring gets passed around to Mrs. Howell, The Skipper, and Ginger as well. Convinced that his rings can work on anyone, Boris has the entranced Gilligan give everyone a ring and orders them to stage a mock robbery of Fort Knox. The plan fails when the hypnotized castaways shower Boris with the "gold"- actually coconuts- and break his control device.

The Second Ginger Grant (Season 3, Episode 24) Edit

Mary Ann hits her head and wakes up believing that she's Ginger. To avoid shocking her, the others play along- and Ginger dresses up as Mary Ann- until the Professor can figure out how to bring her back to normal. The Professor hypnotizes her and tells her that when she wakes up, she will be Mary Ann again, but the suggestion doesn't take. Further complications ensue when Gilligan (who was watching through the hut's window) is hypnotized at the same time and wakes up believing that he is Mary Ann.