Gotham is an American crime television based upon DC characters. It premiered on Fox on September 22, 2014 and is produced by Warner Bros. Television. Bruno Heller (“The Mentalist,” “Rome”), Danny Cannon (the “CSI” franchise, “Nikita”), John Stephens (“Gossip Girl”) and Ken Woodruff (“The Mentalist”) serve as executive producers on the series.

The series follows detective Jim Gordon's early days on the Gotham City Police Department, before the Batman and his Rogues Gallery rise to prominence. 

Spirit of the Goat (Season 1, Episode 6) Edit

The villain of the week, Dr. Marks (Susan Misner), is a hypnotherapist who brainwashes her patients and turns them into the Spirit of the Goat, a serial killer that targets the wealthy elite of Gotham. When Bullock goes to arrest her in the middle of a session, Dr. Marks orders her patient to attack him.

Look Into My Eyes (Season 3, Episode 3) Edit

Hypnotist Jervis Tetch (Benedict Samuel) arrives in Gotham to search for his sister, Alice, and hires Gordon to help find her. During the episode his use his skill on multiple persons. First he hypnotizes a man on stage then later in the episode his makes the man kill himself and his wife so that Jervis could have their house. Then he hypnotize Barbara on stage into falling in love with him, then pretends to not love her back; Barbara (who is not good with rejection) comes close to slicing his throat before he snaps her out trance. Finally he hypnotize Gordon, then tries to make him kill himself.

New Day Rising (Season 3, Episode 4)Edit

In order to kidnap Alice from the Gotham City Police Department, Jervis hypnotizes a group of wrestlers and makes them into his private army. Meanwhile, Gordon discovers that the hypnotic command to kill himself flares up every time he hears the ticking of a watch or metronome.

Follow the White Rabbit (Season 3, Episode 6)Edit

Jervis hypnotizes a bride and groom as well as a young boy, places them in danger, and then forces Gordon to choose between saving the couple or the boy. Gordon chooses the boy, and the newlyweds jump to their deaths.

The Executioner (Season 3, Episode 9) Edit

Ivy (Maggie Geha) has gone with an antiquities dealer to his house. She seduces him and make him smell her neck, which she smeared with a potion she made from her plants. His eyes turns Green as he falls under her control. she obliges him to open a vault and then knocks him unconscious.[1]

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