Hart to Hart was a 1979 - 1984 American television series about a wealthy married couple (Robert Wagner, Stephanie Powers) who used their detective skills to solve murders, thefts, conspiracies, and other mysteries.

Hart to Hart (Season 1, Episode 0)Edit

In the two-hour pilot episode of the series, the Harts go undercover at a health spa, where Dr. Peterson (Roddy McDowell) hypnotizes Jennifer.

Hart of Diamonds (Season 3, Episode 13)Edit

Jennifer (Powers) is secretly being hypnotized by the owner (Capucine) a day spa into stealing valuable jewelry from her friends. Jonathan (Wagner) discovers Jennifer sneaking out of the house in the middle of the night and tracks her to a friend's house, where he catches her robbing the safe. The two visit a psychiatrist, concerned that Jennifer is having a breakdown.

Jennifer returns to the spa and is hypnotized. When the owner discovers that Jennifer has brought nothing, she finds out from Jennifer that Johnathan foiled the latest robbery. The owner then orders Jennifer to rob herself of everything she owns. Jonathan follows Jennifer from her bank back to the spa and confronts the owner, unaware that Jennifer has been programmed to kill Jonathan if he gets in the way.

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