Hawaii Title

Hawaii 5-0 was a 1968-1980 American television series about a fictional Hawaiian state detective department known as "5-0" and led by Detective Captain Steve McGarrett (Jack Lord). The crimes investigated by the unit ranged from simple cases of robbery and murder to complex international espionage plots, often orchestrated by the nefarious Wo Fat (Khigh Dheigh).

A Bullet for McGarrett (season 2, episode 6) Edit

Dr. Paul Farrar (Eric Braeden) is one of Wo Fat's lackeys and a professor of psychology at a local college. He uses his knowledge of hypnosis to turn people into assassins. After a student (Sheila Larkin) guns down her target and then kills herself, the 5-0 team investigates. McGarrett sends policewoman Joyce Bennett (Marianne McAndrew) undercover as a student in Farrar's class. But Farrar figures out what's going on and hypnotizes Joyce into shooting McGarrett.

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