I Heart Vampires (AKA I <3 Vampires) was a 2009-2010 American web series about two young women who discover that their favorite book, Confessions of a High School Vampire (a parody of the real-life Twilight series) is actually based on real-life events and that vampires are real creatures. The series starred Cherilyn Wilson, Erin Way, Alli Kinzel, and Adam Chambers.

William's Lair (Season 2, Episode 19)Edit

The evil William (William Mapother) captures the gang and puts Corbin (Wilson) into a hypnotic trance while he holds a vampiric "marriage" ceremony for her and Nick (Josh Nuncio).

Together Forever (Season 2, Episode 20)Edit

Nick has second thoughts about going through with the ceremony when he learns that William and Abby (Amy Kline) were the ones responsible for the death of his mother.

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