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1967 film starring JAMES COBURN as DEREK FLINT. FLINT is brought in by KRAMDEN [LEE J COBB] his boss at ZOWIE to investigate a strange happening-while golfing with the president a gas is released and the president is replaced by an actor made up to look like the president.FLINT checks it going from places like MOSCOW to the CARIBBEAN where a place called FRESH FACES is located as the women running the place are hypnotizing other women with hairdryers including FLINTS girls but failing to do that place them in cyrostasis.FLINT infiltrates the place only to be met by JEAN HALE who explains whats going on-the women are plotting to rule the world but then things get complicated as the GENERAL[STEVE INHAT] the one they are in cahoots with double crosses them and places the women in crystasis including flint but flint frees himself and the others with his gadgets including KRAMDEN and the real president.FLINT and the girls raid the base where the general is operating from but the general threatens to detonate a nuclear device if he is stopped.FLINT chases him into a spacecraft which go into orbit and after tying up the general blows up the spacecraft and FLINT escapes using his gadgets to fly over to a Russian space station crewed by two Russian spacewomen.

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