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K-9 is a British-Australian comedy-adventure series focusing on the adventures of the robot dog K-9 from the television show Doctor Who, achieved by mixing computer animation and live action. It is aimed at an audience of 11- to 15-year-olds. A single series of the programme was made in Brisbane, Australia, with co-production funding from Australia and the United Kingdom. It aired in 2009 and 2010 on Network Ten in Australia, and on Disney XD in the UK, as well as being broadcast on other Disney XD channels in Europe.

Siren Of Ceres (Season 1, Episode 5) Edit

Drake uses a strange alien substance on a group of school children in an experiment to gain control of the population. Jorjie stumbles across the plan and K9 and Starkey have to find and destroy the control devices.


Curse Of Anubis (Season 1, Episode 10)Edit

K9 meets the Anubians, a race he helped in his long forgotten past. Once placid, these creatures have now become war-mongers. They trick K9 by worshipping him as their saviour, a veritable God. Darius sees through the plan and tries to thwart the alien invasion.

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