Kong: The Animated Series was a 2000-2001 American-Canadian animated television series featuring King Kong, a gigantic ape first introduced in the 1933 movie King Kong In this series, Kong is portrayed as a protagonist rather than an antagonist (as in the 1933 movie), and works with his human friends to battle an evil professor for control of thirteen mystical "primal stones."

Dark Force Rising (Season 1, Episode 4)Edit

Lua travels to the temple of the demon Chiros to stop him from being set free from his prison, only to be captured and mind-controlled into helping to release him.

Reborn (Season 1, Episode 8)Edit

Tann and Lua are possessed by the spirits of an ancient Atlantean temple and, with Kong's help, do battle against Chiros and his minions.

Master of Souls (Season 1, Episode 15)Edit

Tamm and his friend Caroline are captured by Professor De La Porta and are placed under mind control.

Green Fear (Season 1, Episode 29)Edit

Professor De La Porta uses mind control on Jason.

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