Looker Title

Looker is a 1981 American science fiction movie about a plastic surgeon (Albert Finney) who investigates a series of bizarre murders and discovers a plot to use hypnosis to brainwash television viewers. it costarred James Coburn and Susan Dey.

Plot SummaryEdit

Larry Roberts (Finney) is a top plastic surgeon. Lisa (Terri Wells), a beautiful model, hires him to make extremely minor corrections to her face and body. She is the latest of several such women who have hired Dr. Roberts. He performs the surgery. Later, Lisa is surprised in her apartment by a mysterious intruder who uses a light gun to hypnotize her before causing her to fall from her balcony to her death.

Larry discovers that all of the models who have seen him have died, except for the latest one- Cindy (Susan Dey). Worse yet, the police seemingly have evidence that Larry was at the scene of the murders. To clear his name, Larry investigates and discovers that the company Susan works for is digitizing the bodies of the models (hence the need for perfection) to use in computer-generated commercials.

Digging deeper, Larry discovers a more sinister plot- the company has learned how to use light waves to hypnotize people, and plan to embed the hypnotic signals in television commercials to convince people to buy things- and to support a Senator (Michael Hawkins) who is running for President. Larry and Cindy must dodge the company's assassins (with their hypnotizing light-ray guns) to expose the scheme to the public.