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Love Boat: The Next Wave was a 1998-1999 American television series about the crew and passengers of the cruise ship Pacific Princess. It is a sequel to the 1977-1987 American television series The Love Boat. It starred Robert Ulrich as Jim Kennedy, a retired US Navy officer who becomes the new captain of the Pacific Princess.

Trances of a Lifetime (Season 2, Episode 16)Edit

The crew hire a hypnotist (Lane Davies) to perform for the guests. He hypnotizes some of the crew and guests during his one show before leaving, unhappy with the low salary. Unfortunately, he neglects to remove the crew's post-hypnotic suggestions.

Security Chief Camille Hunter (Severance) thinks that people only pretend to get hypnotized on stage. She asks the hypnotist on how it is really done as she doesn't believe it.  He does a quick demonstration on her!.


Camille sneakily asks the hypnotist on how its really done...


as she thinks the people really can't be hypnotized. The hypnotist raises his hand...


snaps his fingers...


and passes her hand in front of her face. Camille's eyes flutter shut...


as she drops into a trance. She's out like a light.


She is now his to command.


He instructs her to get more money for his performance.


She repeats his instructions in a monotone trance-like voice: "More money..."


He snaps his fingers again...


and walks away. Camille remains standing...


slowly wakes up...


and wonders what just happened.

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