Magic Magic is a 2013 American-Chilean thriller movie about a young woman (Juno Temple) who visits her cousin (Emily Browning), who is staying with friends on a remote island off the coast of Chile. The film costars Michael Cera and Agustin Silva.

Scene SummaryEdit

After a rough day in which Alicia (Temple) develops vertigo while attempting to cliff dive, she, Sara (Browning), Brink (Cera) and Agustin (Silva) retire to their cabin for the evening. Agustin unsuccessfully tries to hypnotize Sara, then manages to hypnotizes Alicia. Sara and Agustin are amused at first, but grow concerned when Brink's commands to Alicia take on a more sadistic tone. Before they can stop him, he orders Alicia to place her hand in the fireplace; she burns her hand and snaps out of the trance in shock and horror, damaging her already fragile state of mind.

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