Martin matin

Martin Morning (French: Martin Matin) is a French Animated TV series of 78 13-minute episodes, created in 2002 by Denis Olivieri, Claude Prothée and Luc Vinciguerra, produced by Millimages in association with Cartooneurs and associates.Martin, an ordinary nine-year-old boy, has one strange characteristic: every morning he awakes to find himself transformed into fantastic and legendary beings – a Merlin-like wizard, a pharaoh, a caveman, a vampire, a superhero and many more transformations. Despite the transformations, he goes to school with his friends, and adventures then ensue.

Philtre d'amour ( S01E24 ) Edit

Martin is transformed into a witch, with the help of another witch he create a love potion that he intend to us on his crush Roxanne but a thirsty boy ends up drinking it instead which cause him to become love struck with Martin.

Une fille en trop ( S01E30 ) Edit

Martin isn't transformed like usual instead he is accompanied by a pretty girl named Soleil, who have the ability to compel others into following her orders, she spends the day trying to make Martin fall in love her.

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