Mega Man was a 1995-1996 Japanese-American animated series that was based on the Capcom Mega Man video game franchise. It follows the adventure of Mega Man, about a super-powered android that helps his creator Dr. Light fight against the villainous Dr. Willy and his army of robots.

Night of the Living Monster Bots (Season 2, Episode 6)Edit

Dr. Willy plays mad scientist (more than usual) and creates a line of robots based on classic horror film monsters like Dracula, Frankenstein's monster, and the Mummy. He plans to use the robots to blackmail the world- either they pay to watch the monster movies he makes using his new robots, or he will send the robots out to smash their cities. As part of his plan, he kidnaps an English actress and hypnotizes her into thinking that she is a vampire.

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