Mina and the Count Poster

Mina and the Count is a series of animated shorts created by Rob Renzetti for Cartoon Network and, later, Nickelodeon. It tells the story of feared vampire Count Dracula and his friendship with seven year old Mina Harper. Out of fear that the concept would be found unsavory, Nickelodeon passed on making a full series, opting instead for another of Renzetti's pitches, My Life As A Teenage Robot.

Interlude With A VampireEdit

Count Dracula hypnotizes Mina in their first meeting, believing her to be seventeen year old Mina Harker due to a clerical error. Later, Dracula attempts to distract Mina with a game of hide and seek, and escapes to the girl's boarding school next door in a futile attempt to feed.

The Vampire Who Came to DinnerEdit

Dracula, invited to a dinner with Mina's family, hypnotizes the cat to eat the disgusting gelatin-potato salad mixture offered to him by Mina and her older sister.

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