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Molly Moon's Incredible Book of Hypnotism is a movie adaptation of the first book of the same name in the six-book Molly Moon series written by Georgia Byng. Like the book, the movie focuses on the title character, young orphan girl who just happens to come across a hypnotizing book and hypnotizes her way to a New York show and becomes rich and famous. But another man also wants that book and tracks her all the way to New York and takes her dog. In order to get it back she must rob the richest bank of all its jewels.

Scene #1 Summary Edit

After reading the book, Molly uses hypnotism on the orphanage's dog: Petula.

Scene #2 Summary Edit

Later, Molly hypnotizes Edna, the head chef, into cooking the orphans a nutritious and delicious meal for once.

Scene #3 Summary Edit

To help her with her self-esteem (Fashion-wise) Molly uses hypnosis on the head of the orphanage: Ms. Adderstone.

Scene #4 Summary Edit

After escaping the thief, Molly uses hypnosis on a bus driver to get on before it's too late.

Scene #5 Summary Edit

Molly uses hypnosis to make the world believe she's a talented singer/dancer.

Scene #6 Summary Edit

After being tracked down by thief named Simon Nockman (Disguising himself as a professor) who was trying to get the book, and forces Molly to use her hypnosis to rob a bank.

Scene #7 Summary Edit

After making up for Molly missing the talent show, Rocky helps her hypnotize Nockman to give up his life of crime.

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