This article contains content that may be inappropriate for some viewers. Discretion is advised.

Monster Musume: Everyday Life With Monster Girls is a 2015 anime adaptation of the manga by Okayado. The story follows Kimihito Kurusu, as he accidentally participates in an interspecies cultural exchange program, and becomes host to a- look, you know what, it's a monster girl harem anime. That's all you need to know.

Monster Musume: Everyday Life With a Monster Girls (Season 1, Episode 10)  Edit

The centaur woman, Cerea, is feeling insecure about her place with Kimihito who she has a crush on and considers he master. After failing to impress him with hr cooking she feels she can not win him over.while alone in the forest the demon Lillith feeling mischievous decides to hypnotize Centorea. While being hypnotized Centorea is told that she can have her masters affection if she does something her master,any man would enjoy, Centorea is then goes to Kimihito still hypnotized convinced she can must do anything that would make her master very happy and through Lilith's hypnosis her shyness is completely dormant and is very forward with her approaches making Kimihito feel her up before she can have her way with him a wild bore attacks and snaps her out of her trance having post hypnotic amnesia she wakes up in a daze not remembering being hypnotized or what she did while hypnotized instead is only shocked to find that her breast are out.

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