Ms. Marvel Comic Books. Ms. Marvel is the name of several fictional super heroines appearing in comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character was originally conceived as a female counterpart to Captain Marvel. Like Captain Marvel, most of the bearers of the Ms. Marvel title gain their powers through Kree technology or genetics. Marvel has published three ongoing comic series titled Ms. Marvel, with the first two starring Carol Danvers, and the third starring Kamala Khan.

Volume 1, Issue #7 "Nightmare"Edit

Ms. Marvel is captured by MODOK, who intends to reverse-engineer her suit in order to create "an army of Ms. Marvels." When his efforts fail, he brainwashes her so that he can at least have an army of one Ms. Marvel. Fortunately Carol Danvers, as a separate personality, is unaffected by MODOK's mental manipulation and is able to break her Ms. Marvel personality free of his control.

Volume 1, Issue #23 "The Woman Who Fell to Earth"Edit

Carol's friend Salia, thought to be dead after an accident in space, shows up at her doorstep. Carol takes her in, only to have Salia knock her unconcious and teleport her to a space station. There, Carol meets a villian who calls himself The Faceless One. He has brainwashed Salia into becoming his servant and plans to do the same to Carol.

Volume 2, Issue #18 "Puppets" Edit

In Puerto Maravilla, Chile, the Puppet Master is revealed to be behind everything. He appears to be talking to a "customer." He has several women from around the world standing, as if in a trance. He mentions that he's retired the Puppet Master guise after being defeated by the Fantastic Four so many times. He has also obtained a new source of clay that seems to be stronger than what he used before. When his customer doesn't seem to be overly impressed with his selection, he mentions having a collection that is more on the unique side (and will also cost more). In another room, Dusk, Stature, Tigra, ((and someone else I don't quite recognize)- It's Silverclaw) are standing, in a trance also. At that moment, another "acquisition" arrives. It is non other than Anya in a crate.

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