Mutant X was a 2001-2004 syndicated American television series about a group of superpowered mutants- the result of a secret genetic experiment- who battle criminals and evil superpowered mutants while avoiding the agents of a shadowy government agency that is determined to track them down and eliminate them.

A Breed Apart (Season 1, Episode 22) Edit

A group of mutants that call themselves "The Strand" kidnap a mutant named Kelly (Kim Schraner) when she refuses to join them. The team arrives to stop the kidnappers but fail when their mutant powers suddenly malfunction. Later, a member of The Strand enters the government genetics lab and uses her powers to free Gabriel Ashlocke (Michael Easton), the most powerful and evil mutant of all. Ashlocke becomes the leader of The Strand.

The Mutant team tracks down Kelly only to find that she is now happily handing out pro-Strand literature to other mutants. Kelly, Ashlocke, and other mutants break into a lab to steal data. During the raid, Shalimar is knocked unconscious and The Strand members take her with them. At The Strand's headquarters, Ashlocke uses his powers to brainwash Shalimar into joining them.

The other team members discover that their malfunctioning powers are the result of a genetic "evolution" that has made them more powerful. When Ashlocke leads his brainwashed followers on an attack at the genetics lab, the team is able to stop them and free Shalimar and the others from Ashlocke's control.

Body and Soul (Season 2, Episode 9)Edit

A mutant loses his body in an experiment gone wrong, but is able to survive by possessing others. He jumps from body to body as he seeks to get hs revenge on the people responsible, while the team tries to stop him.

She's Come Undone (Season 3, Episode 17)Edit

Lexa (Karen Cliche) is the victim of a mind-control experiment that allows others to take control of her body and use her as a killing machine.