My Babysitter's a Vampire was a 2011-2012 Canadian television series about two high school friends (Matthew Knight and Atticus Mitchell) who fight supernatural evil along with Sarah (Vanessa Morgan), a half-vampire (and their former babysitter), and fellow vampires Erika (Kate Todd) and Rory (Cameron Kennedy). It was a follow-up to the 2010 television movie of the same name.

ReVamped (Season 1, Episode 13) Edit

Sarah's ex-boyfriend Jesse (Joe Dinicol) arrives in town looking to convince Sarah to become a full vampire and go away with him. On the night of the big school dance, Ethan, Benny, and Sarah confront Jesse in the school hallways. Unfortunately, Jesse is more powerful than they bargained for, and he uses a hypnotized Erika to restrain Sarah while he goes after Benny and Ethan.


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