My Babysitter's a Vampire was a 2011-2012 Canadian television series about two high school friends (Matthew Knight and Atticus Mitchell) who fight supernatural evil along with Sarah (Vanessa Morgan), a half-vampire (and their former babysitter), and fellow vampires Erica (Kate Todd) and Rory (Cameron Kennedy). It was a follow-up to the 2010 television movie of the same name.

Three Cheers for Evil (Season 1, Episode 2)Edit

Head cheerleader Stephanie (Leah Crudmore) is a witch who plans to disguise an evil spell-casting ritual as a cheer routine. When she places Sarah and Erica under her control, it's up to Ethan and Benny (disguised as cheerleaders) to break the spell and save the students for having their souls stolen.

Smells Like Trouble (Season 1, Episode 7)Edit

Benny's love potion causes Sarah and Erica to fall in love with himself and Ethan, but when Benny drops the potion bottte, the fumes spread through the school and cause all of the girls to fall in love with them. Benny's grandmother warns them that the love-struck girls will eventually turn violent, and sure enough, they are soon the target of a violent mob.

ReVamped (Season 1, Episode 13) Edit

Sarah's ex-boyfriend Jesse (Joe Dinicol) arrives in town looking to convince Sarah to become a full vampire and go away with him. On the night of the big school dance, Ethan, Benny, and Sarah confront Jesse in the school hallways. Unfortunately, Jesse is more powerful than they bargained for, and he uses a hypnotized Erica to restrain Sarah while he goes after Benny and Ethan.


Say You'll Be Maztak (Season 2, Episode 2)Edit

Lucia (Shiva Negar), an ancient Mayan queen, is accidentally resurrected and soon has the male students (including Benny, Ethan, and Rory) unde her hypnotic spell. It's up to Sarah and Erica to defeat her before she can bring about the end of the world.

Mirror/rorriM (Season 2, Episode 5)Edit

Erica is excited when an unfortunate accident to the lead actress (Bindi Irwin) lands her the lead role in a school play. Ethan learns that the ghost of a girl who died performing in the play 25 years ago haunts the dressing room mirror and uses it to mind-control any actress who plays her role. The gang has to work quickly to stop the ghost from using Erica to destroy herself and the theater on opening night.

Siren Song (Season 2, Epiosde 9)Edit

The hottest act at the school's talent show is a singer (Kendra Timmons) who is actually a Siren from Greek mythology. The gang attempts to stop her, but complications ensue when Erica falls under her spell and goes on a destructive rampage.

Halloweird (Season 2, Episode 11)Edit

Ethan's Halloween party turns weird when Rory is possessed by a mask. Under its influence, he causes the party-goers to turn into real-life versions of their costumes.

The Date to End All Dates, Part 2  (Season 2, Epiosde 13)Edit

Anastasia hypnotizes Rory and Erica, while the power-hungry Stern places a spell on Benny to make him attack his friends.