Seven of Seven is ais an anime TV series that ran from January 10, 2002- June 27, 2002, It about a young girl name Nana who, after touching one of her grandfather's inventions, split into seven Nana with different personaillty, and the only people who knows her secret is her grandfather and her best friends.

Decision Time! Yuichi's First Choice High School?! (Episode 5)Edit

After watching Nanapon perform hypnosis on the 7 nanas, Yuichi asks Nana to teach her the skill. However, due to unfortunate mishaps, Nana accidently hypnotizes herself and wanders aimlessly in the streets, hypnotizing everybody to gather to her high school to force the principal to reveal her survey.

Early Acceptance Retracted! My Love Life and My Exams are Out of Control? (Episode 23) Edit

An evil part of Nana shows up and hypnotizes a student through her bedroom.

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