NightMan (AKA Nightman or Night Man) was a 1997-1999 syndicated American action-adventure series about a man named Johnny Domino (Matt McColm), who gains the ability to detect evil thoughts and evil people after being struck by lightning. With the help of his scientist friend Raleigh (Derek Webster/Derwin Jordan), he becomes the masked superhero Night Man and fights crime. The TV series was based on the comic book series The Night Man, published by Malibu Comics (a Marvel Comics subsidiary in the mid 1990s).

Sixty Minute Man (Season 2, Episode 10)Edit

A villain who has the power to stop time using a special watch uses his abilities to start a crime spree. He can give people post-hypnotic suggestions while they are frozen.

Dust (Season 2, Episode 15)Edit

An ancient Egyptian mummy (Saskia Garel) is accidentally brought back to life. She hypnotizes Raleigh into helping her to take over the world, and hypnotizes a group of men and women to be her servants.

Spellbound (Season 2, Episode 16)Edit

A teenager (Amber Rothwell) who is the daughter of a demon struggles to lead a normal life, but the headmaster of her school (Garwin Sanford) plans to hypnotize her into unleashing her demon powers for his benefit.

Double Double (Season 2, Episode 17)Edit

Evil billionaire Kieran Keyes (Kim Coates) returns and draws Raleigh and Detective Branca (Jayne Heitmeyer) into his cyber-world, where he turns them into his mind-controlled minions.

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