Nikita Title

Nikita was a 2010-2013 American television series about a former spy and assassin (Maggie Q) who is determined to shut down the shadowy government-funded organization (known as "The Division") that she used to work for. It was based on the 1997-2001 Canadian series La Femme Nikita, which in turn was based on the 1990 French movie Nikita.

Falling Ash (Season 2, Episode 2) Edit

Nikita (Q) and her team investigate when an assassination attempt is made on a U.S. Senator. They discover that someone has reactivated an old Division program known as P9, which used brainwashing to turn ordinary people into sleeper assassins.The team attends an event that the Senator is also attending and at which they believe another assassin will be activated. Alicia (Julie McNiven), the event planner, is triggered by a signal through her Bluetooth headset and attempts to kill her target, but she is subdued by Nikita. They take Alicia into custody, and she reveals that she recently completed an addiction removal program headed by Dr. Mars (John Ralston).When the team confronts Mars at his lab, he sends out a mass signal to all of his brainwashed slaves, including Alicia. Nikita and the team must track down Alicia before she can kill her target.

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