Ninja III: The Domination is a 1984 American action movie about a woman (Lucinda Dickey) who becomes possessd by the spirit of an evil ninja. The film costarred Sho Kisugi and Jordan Bennett. It was the third film in the Cannon Films "Ninja Trilogy," made after Enter the Ninja(1981) and Revenge of the Ninja (1983).

Plot SummaryEdit

An evil ninja attacks a golf course, killing many people. The police arrive, and the ninja attacks and kills many of them. Eventually the police manage to outnumber and surround the ninja, shooting him. The dying ninja escapes and runs into telephone linesman Christie (Dickey), and puts the evil eye on her. Christie takes the ninja's sword. Later, Christie is in her apartment when her arcade machine comes to life and hypnotizes her. The sword flies out of the closet and into Christie's hands, and she becomes possessed by the evil ninja's spirit.

The possessed Christie hunts down and kills the police officers responsible for killing the evil ninja. Her boyfriend Billy (Bennett), who is one of the officers involved, becomes suspicious and joins forces with a good ninja (Kisugi) to defeat the evil ninja's spirit.

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