Not of This Earth is a 1988 American science-fiction movie about an alien (Arthur Roberts) who arrives on Earth on a mission to send human blood back to his dying home planet. The film costars Tracy Lords, Roger Lodge, and Lenny Juliano. It is a remake of the 1957 movie of the same title.

Plot SummaryEdit

The mysterious Mr. Johnson (Roberts) arrives on Earth with a mission to collect human blood and send it back to his home planet through an inter-dimensional portal in the hope of saving his species from extinction. As part of his plan, he hypnotizes a doctor (Ace Mask) into providing him with blood transfusions and a pretty nurse named Nadine (Lords) to assist him. Nadine moves into Johnson's mansion, where she meets his creepy assistant Jeremy (Juliano) and quickly becomes suspicious of Johnson's activities. Meanwhile, Johnson's attempts to send humans through the portal end in failure.

Nadine eventually discovers Johnson's secret and phones the police before escaping into a nearby park. Johnson pursues her and uses his hypnotic powers to stop her. He orders her to return to the mansion and send herself through the portal. As Nadine heads off to do his bidding, Johnson battles with Nadine's friend Harry (Lodge), a policeman. Harry manages to kill Johnson before Nadine can activate the portal, and she is freed from the mind control.

In a closing scene, Nadine and Harry stand before Johnson's gravestone, which reads "Here Lies A Man Who Was Not Of This Earth."

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