Our Man Flint is a 1966 American movie that is parodies the many "spy thrillers" that were made after the breakthrough success of Ian Fleming's Dr. No (1962). It stars James Coburn as master spy Derek Flint, a super-agent who can defeat any foe and seduce any woman.

In the film, Flint takes on a group of scientists known as Galaxy, who are blackmailing the world with their weather-controlling machine.

Scene Summary Edit

Near the conclusion of the film, Flint has managed to gain access to Galaxy's island headquarters. He discovers that Galaxy is brainwashing beautiful young women to serve as "Pleasure Units" to the men who work for Galaxy. Among the victims are Flint's four live-in "playmates" (Shelby Grant, Sigrid Valdis, Gianna Serra, and Helen Funai). Also being hypnotized is Gila (Gila Golan), a former Galaxy agent who betrayed her superiors to help Flint. Flint is able to step in and free Gila from her mind control by sternly saying "you are -not- a pleasure unit."

Gila pretends to be hypnotized so that she and Flint can sneak into the Pleasure Unit area- a series of themed settings where the brainwashed Units fawn over the Galaxy workers. Flint rescues his playmates using the same command he used on Gila.