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Painkiller Jane was a 2007 American science fiction series that aired on the Sci-Fi (now SyFy) Network. It followed the adventures of Jane Vasco (Kristanna Loken), a woman who can rapidly heal from any injury, even ones that would be fatal to a normal human. She joins a team dedicated to hunting down mutants known as Neuros- people who can use the power of their minds to do a wide variety of things, including starting fires, controlling machines, and controlling minds. The series costarred Noah Danby, Sean Roberts, Rob Stewart, and Alaina Huffman.

Pilot (Season 1, Episode 1)Edit

Jane investigates an office building where a Neuro can take control of people's minds through their headsets, and gets shoved out of a window to her "death" for her efforts. She joins the team and fights to save Maureen (Huffman) from plummeting to her death after the undercover agent falls under the Neuro's control.

Something Nasty in the Neighborhood (Season 1, Episode 12)Edit

Jane and Connor (Danby) pose as husband-and-wife and move into a home in the exclusive town of Fair Oaks to investigate the murders of several federal agents. They soon fall under the hypnotic spell of their Neuro target, who is using the local public-access channel to brainwash the entire town.

Jane 113 (Season 1, Episode 18)Edit

Jane learns more about the source of her regeneration powers, leading her to the secretive Dr. Roberts (Tom Butler). Roberts uses a flashing strobe to hypnotize Jane.

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