Passions Title

Passions was a 1999-2007 American soap opera that followed the lives of the residents of a small New England town. The series was noted for incorporating elements of fantasy and horror (such as magic, witches, and demons) into its everyday story lines.

The Cursed Pendant (1999)Edit

Local witch Tabitha (Juliet Mills) gives Charity (Molly Stanton) a pendant that turns Charity evil so that Tabitha can use Charity's powers to destroy Harmony.

The Bird Statue (2000)Edit

A cursed bird statue causes Charity to suffer from hallucinations, dark premonitions, and other distress. She is committed to a hospital for evaluation and is given drugs that make her very open to suggestion. Upon hearing this, Tabitha gets herself committed to the hospital as a mental patient so that she can be near Charity. When no one is looking, Tabitha programs Charity to kill her boyfriend Miguel (Jesse Metcalf)

Zombie Charity (2001)Edit

Kay (Deanna Wright) and Tabitha manage to trap the real Charity in a cave and encase her in a block of ice. In her place they create the evil "Zombie Charity" to do their bidding. Unfortunately, the powerful Zombie Charity turns the tables and soon has Kay and Tabitha doing her bidding.

The Demon Elf (2007)Edit

A demon (Danny Woodburn) arrives in Harmony and uses mind-controlling mini-demons to turn various characters into his evil minions. Theresa (Lindsay Hartley) becomes a target of the elf when he sends Gwen (Liza Huber) to strangle her, and later Sheridan (McKenzie Westmore) to poison her.

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