Phantasy Star Online 2 (ファンタシースターオンライン2 Fantashī Sutā Onrain Tsū?) is an anime adaptation of a video game in the Phantasy Star series published by Sega. It began airing in 2016.

It is set in 2027. In modern day Tokyo, people can freely enjoy use of the internet as a result of the widespread availability of the Ethernet across the world. In all aspects, this is considered a modern communication revolution. Rina Izumi, president of the academy's student council and "once in a decade stand out student," is on a mission to provide counter evidence to prove that PSO2 does not cause students to neglect their studies. She recruits Itsuki Tachibana, a typical student that makes average grades, as vice president in order to be her prime affirmation to this stance by having him write daily reports on his findings in PSO2, while also maintaining his grade point average, attendance, and fulfilling responsibilities that come with being a member of student council.

Dark Fars (Episode 11) Edit

Rina has become corrupted into a Dark Falz.

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