Port charles

Port Charles was a 1997-2003 American soap opera set in the fictional New York town of Port Charles, the same setting for the long-running soap opera General Hospital. The two programs aired on the ABC television network and sometimes shared characters and story lines. Although initially a spinoff focused on the lives of the doctors at the local hospital, the show later shifted its focus to more supernatural-themed plots (vampires, angels, etc.). Starting in 2000, the show switched to a telenovela-inspired series of 13-week story arcs, unusual for American soap operas.

Port Charles (2000)Edit

Kevin Collins (John Lindstrom) helps Livvie Locke (Kelly Monaco) recover her childhood memories through hypnosis.

Tainted Love (2001)Edit

Livvie becomes the object of obsession for the vampire Caleb Morley (Michael Easton); Livvie is the splitting image of Caleb's beloved fiancee Olivia. Caleb uses his vampire powers to hypnotize and seduce Livvie.

Tempted (2001)Edit

Defeated at the end of "Tainted Love," Caleb returns as a ghost and is gradually restored to human form. He again uses his powers to hypnotize and control Livvie, using her to turn his enemies against each other.

Superstition (2002)Edit

Alison (Erin Hershey) makes a number of magical candles that, when lit, can influence people's actions.

Surrender (2002)Edit

Tess (Monaco), Livvie's alter-ego, appears in Port Charles. Caleb plots to "bring the Livvie out of Tess" so that he can reunite with his soulmate.

Desire (2003)Edit

Joshua Temple (Ian Buchanan) brainwashes Alison into marrying him.