Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal was a 1996-2000 Canadian syndicated television series about a team of paranormal investigators and scientists who research cases of reputed paranormal and supernatural activity.

Chocolate Soldier (Season 1, Episode 19)Edit

In a shopping center's parking lot, a couple try to rescue their daughter from a cultist. She refuses to go with them, and the cultist briefly manages to entrance her mother before the rescue party withdraws in haste. 

The parents take their case to the OSIR team. They note that their daughter was a perfectly normal college student who suddenly experienced a radical change in personality and became devoted to the cult leader. OSIR discovers that a number of women have also quit their lives to join the cult. The team wires Lindsay with biometric monitors and has her meet the cult leader in a mall. He easily hypnotizes her, intending to lead her away, but the sensors tip off the team and they rescue her. Meanwhile, the parents manage to kidnap their daughter only to have her fall into a coma. 

Later, the team tries to figure out how to get the women away from the cult without hurting them, while the cult leader plans to start a campaign of terror. Lindsay shows up at the cult compound, seemingly under his spell- or is she?

Nocturnal Cabal (Season 4, Episode 10) Edit

Lindsay and Mia go undercover at a rave to look into a series of mysterious deaths. Among the many dancers they find human bones, silver arrows, and mysterious piles of dust. They discover that the club is actually home to a nest of zombies, who are eating the human dancers. Meanwhile, someone else is hunting the zombies and turning them into the piles of dust. Unfortunately, it's not clear which of the ravers are zombies and which are hunters. One of the zombies uses his powers to hypnotize Lindsay, and it's up to Mia to save her.