Ranma ½ Nettōhen is an anime based in the Ranma ½ manga and the second anime series of this manga.

Generally in Ranma ½ Nettōhen, Ranma is hypnotized by a girl to perverts goals.

Episode 25 (43 in USA version) Edit

In this episode, have no characteristics of hypno in the hypnotized people (the female Shampoo and the male Ranma), so have no images in this section.

Shampoo made a recipe to hypnotize Ranma to obey her wishes after any sneeze. Ranma eat the food and embrace all people that sneezes.

In the end of episode, Ranma give to Shampoo her food and order to she goes home, and she obeys his order.

Episode 28 (46 in USA version) Edit

In this episode, Ranma gets hypnotized by a female chinese ghost, but how her magic only hypnoses guys, when Ranma changes his sex to female, he is free of the hypno.

RanmaHypno RanmaHypno2 RanmaHypno3


Episode 35 (53 in USA version) Edit

In this episode, Ranma swallows a pill that do him got quick a crush on Cologne.

Episode 41 (59 in US version) Edit

The evil personality of Ranma uses him to absorb his life and hypnoses him to follow her.

Episode 54 (72 in US version) Edit

Bakeneko posses Genma to fight against Ranma.

Episode 65 (83 in USA version) Edit

Ranma was brainwashed by Shampoo, and when uses a red thread in his finger, he gets a crush on her.

Episode 73 (91 in USA version) Edit

Bake Neko possess Ryoga to induces him to tells his true feelings to Akane.

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