Red Billabong is a 2016 Australian horror movie about two brothers (Dan Ewing, Tim Pocock) who inherit land in the Australian outback only to discover that it is inhabited by a legendary monster. The film also stars Jessica Green, Sophie Don, Emily Joy, and Ben Chisholm.

Plot SummaryEdit

Estranged Australian brothers Nick (Ewing) and Tristan (Pocock) reunite when their grandfather leaves them a large parcel of land in the countryside. They learn that their grandfather's wish was to see the land returned to the local Aboriginal tribe, but local developer Richards (Felix Williamson) offers to buy the land for a substantial sum of money. While the brothers decide what to do, they are joined by drug-dealing party boy BJ (Chisholm) and his friends Kate (Joy), Jason (James Straiton), Rebecca (Green), and Anya (Don), who is Nick's old girlfriend.

The brothers soon discover that their property is home to the bunyip- a man-eating Aboriginal spirit-monster that haunts the lakes and billabongs of the region- and that their stepfather Sam (John Reynolds) has conspired with Richards and BJ to capture the creature for himself.

According to legend, the bunyip needs three female slaves to bring in fresh victims; Sam had BJ bring Anya, Rebecca, and Kate with him to act as bait. The bunyip grabs Rebecca and Kate and mind-controls them into serving as his minions. Sam brings Anya to the bunyip's lair to be converted as well, but Nick and Mr. Garvey (Gregory Fryer) attack the creature before it can finish the job. Nick and Garvey free the girls from the mind control, then sacrifice themselves to stop Sam and the bunyip while Tristan and the girls escape.

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