Relic Hunter was a 1999-2002 Canadian/French (later Canadian/British) syndicated television series about a globe-trotting archaeologist (Tia Carrare) who tracks down lost, stolen, and missing "relics" and returns them to their original owners (or to museums). The series co-starred Christien Anholt, Lindy Booth, and Tanja Reichert.

Nothing But the Truth (Season 1, Episode 21)Edit

A magical chalice causes anyone who looks into it to become completely truthful.

Out of the Past (Season 2, Episode 13)Edit

Claudia is hypnotized to recall a past life as one of Cleopatra's servants, leading to a quest to recover one of Cleopatra's necklaces.

All Choked Up (Season 3, Episode 10)Edit

A magical necklace enslaves the wearer to anyone who uses the necklace's magical activation phrase. A rival relic hunter (Claudia Christian) uses the necklace on Sydney.

The Warlock of Nu Theta Pi (Season 3, Episode 11)Edit

An amulet from the Salem witch trial era resurfaces at the university where Sydney teaches. She gives the amulet to Karen for safekeeping, but another student hypnotizes Karen into giving him the amulet.