Robin of Sherwood (US title: Robin Hood) was a 1984-1986 British television series starring Michael Praed as Robin of Loxley (seasons 1-2), Jason Connery as Robert ("Robin") of Huntingdon (season 3), and Judi Trott as Marion. It was created by Richard Carpenter, and featured music by Clannad.

Season 2, “The Enchantment” Edit

Lilith (Gemma Craven), a follower of the sorcerer Simon, Baron de Belleme (Anthony Valentine) who had been killed by Robin in season 1, puts Robin under a spell in order to collect the items she needs in order to restore the Baron to life.

Season 2, “The Swords of Wayland” Edit

Abbess Morgwyn of Ravenscar (Rula Lenska), who is secretly the leader of a coven known as the Cauldron of Lucifer, is collecting the 7 Swords of Wayland in order to use their combined power to summon Lucifer himself. Having obtained the 7th sword, Albion, which had been given to Robin by Herne, she uses its power to bewitch some of the outlaws.

Season 3, “Herne's Son, part 2” Edit

Robin of Loxley is dead and the outlaws scattered. Marion has been captured by Owen of Clun, who wishes to marry her. During an attempt to escape, she encounters Owen's sorcerer Gulnar (Richard O'Brien), who both hypnotizes her and administers a love potion; later, she enthusiastically participates in the wedding ceremonies.

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