Fox Box

SPY Fox in "Dry Cereal" is a "point & click" adventure game developed by Humongous Entertainment for the Windows and Macintosh operating systems in 1997. It was later republished and released on the Wii by Atari and Majesco Entertainment.The game follows agent SPY Fox to the Greek island of Acidophilus to discover the whereabouts of the missing Mr. Howard Hugh Heifer Udderly the Third and recover the world's missing supply of milk.

When Monkey Penny reveals Blue's association with Kid, SPY Fox is given Walter Wireless and is assigned to slip him into Blue's purse. To do this, Fox must obtain a sheet of waltz music form the conductor on the ship and trade it for a sheet of tango music from Johnny Gecko and discreetly slip it onto the conductor's stand aboard the S.S. Deadweight. Upon hearing the music, she goes into a trance like state and Blue begins to dance with Fox, allowing him to place Wireless into her purse.

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